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Our youth are full of expression!

The Pouring Spot provides opportunities for creative expression through dance, creative writing and art. 

We have the opportunity as a community to equip and empower our youth for the future. 

Overall, our mission is to encourage our youth​ to become productive adults.  

Our Team

We have a great team of workers, board members and supporters



Angie's the creative director, 

from arts, urban style rhyming, poetry to praise dance. Allowing  youth to have a creative outlet.  


Senior Executive

Linda's education background of 40 yrs experience as a teacher helps groom the teen center programs to educate and support.



Sandy's the life coach who brings years of successful mentorship experience and encouragement to youth in diverse situations.


CEO/ Founder

The Pouring Spot offers local youth a safe hangout, in a supportive environment. 

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